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Avoca Handweavers & Mill: The best historic tour in ireland

    Located in the heart of the Avoca Village in Wicklow, lies Ireland’s oldest working mill factory.


    Avoca village is the birthplace of one of the most famous brands in Ireland, Avoca Hand-weavers. Dating all the way back to the 1700,s, the Avoca Mill was where the local farmers could grind their corn, and spin and weave their wool for clothing for the local miners. In 1927 the mill was bought by the three Wynne sisters who completely refurbished the old run down mill and introduced vibrant colours, designs and new weaving patterns which the Avoca brand still use to this day. In 1975, under new management the mill opened its doors to the public for trade, selling goods and weaving. Fast forward to the present day Avoca has over 13 stores across the country with hosts of award winning cafes and best selling cookbooks. Avoca still cherish their honoured traditions by still hand weaving all of their scarfs, blankets and clothing in the old Avoca Mill.


    Built on the banks of the Avoca River, the Avoca Mill is located right in the heart of Avoca Village in Wicklow. Just a 40 minute drive from Dublin City there is on sight parking.

    The Experience…

    The tour begins in the visitor center where you will be transported through time, guided by knowledgeable experts who will tell you the tales of the Avoca Mill’s past. You will get the chance to see authentic ancient throws on display as well as the preserved equipment that craftsmen once wielded skilfully.

    You will then move upstairs where you will find yourself in the very heart of Avoca’s legacy, the weaving workshop. Here skilled weavers meticulously carry on the age old tradition that still thrives today. the weavers love to share their expertise and gladly answer any queries you may have. They will take you through the intricate weaving process, gaining an inspiring glimpse into the creation of the renowned Avoca throws and patterns. Observe firsthand the enduring tools and equipment used by these dedicated craftsmen, each one steeped in history and yet ever-effective in their artistry.

    After the tour, treat yourself to a well deserved cup of coffee at the Avoca store, where you can check out the the weavers work, as you explore the array of finished woven products.

    To ensure an immersive experience, I would recommend visiting on a weekday, so you can witness the weavers in action. Tours are available daily from 10 am to 4 pm.

    For more information check out the Avoca website