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Djouce Wood To Powerscourt Waterfall: Beautiful Hiking Trail In Wicklow

    The Djouce hiking trails are some of the most incredible trails in Wicklow and the Djouce Wood to Powerscourt Waterfall loop is no different. This trail offers some incredible views of the surrounding areas including The Sugar Loaf, Wicklow Mountains, Wicklow Bay and of course the best part of the trail is getting right up close to the Powerscourt Waterfalls.

    Hiking Trail need to know…

    There are a few need to knows before heading off on this loop and below I have outlined all of the information you need before embarking on this trail.


    When looking at where to park there are two Djouce car parks to chose from. For this trail I would advise parking at the Djouce Long Hill car park as this is the best place to start this trail as the carpark is bigger. There are plenty of spaces here but it can get busy on the weekend especially as this is a popular spot for mountain biking so, I would recommend heading here early especially on a sunny day.

    Mountain Biking:

    As mentioned above this trail is very popular for mountain biking so it is very important to keep and eye out for bikers. This loop doesn’t have any clear markers and most of the areas which you will be walking are on mountain biking trails so it is very important to be weary of your surroundings. If you do run in to mountain bikers be sure to jump out of the way as most of the time they are going far too fast to stop for you.


    Like every hike you will always have to deal with a little bit of mud and water but this trail can be very muddy and wet along the trail. I will always recommend investing in a good pair of waterproof hiking boots. You can get some great affordable and durable hiking boots from a wide range of brands including Regatta, Columbia and Keen. I swear by the Regatta and Keen boots as they are so comfortable and EXTREMELY waterproof!! I really put my Keen boots to the test on this hike by jumping through a few rivers and not once did I feel a drop of water. Regatta also have a lot of sales on throughout the year and you can get yourself a nice pair of hiking boots for as little as €30!!

    The tRAIL…

    Hiking trial Image from

    The trail is approximately 6km long and takes you through the gorgeous Djouce woods before ending up at the famous Powerscourt Waterfalls. Before taking off on this hike I would highly advise downloading an app like the Hiiker app as there are no markings along the way on where you need to go. For the beginning of the trail you will be on a normal path which will lead you down around the forest but once you reach the end of the path you will need the app or a map to guide you the rest of the way. Even with the help of the app I still got a little lost so be sure to keep it on hand especially towards the end as you will be walking through a big forest with no trails.

    As mentioned above this trail can be very muddy and wet. There are no proper bridges on this trail so you will be crossing a few make ship bridges to get over the Powerscourt River as well as lots of very muddy paths through the forest. Take it easy when crossing the bridges as they can be very slippy especially when it has been raining.

    Again keep an eye out for mountain bikers as once you are making your way back from the waterfall the map takes you right through a few mountain bike trails and here you will also need to keep a close eye on the map as you wont be following any sort of trails it will be more just trying navigate your way up the hill.

    difficulty level…

    I wouldn’t say this walk is too difficult especially at the beginning as it is straight forward enough but once you make your way through it can have a few difficult sections to get through including some very steep inclines, muddy patches and balancing over make shift bridges so its best to be prepared and wear the necessary shoes!

    In conclusion…

    This is an absolutely beautiful walk and perfect for if you are looking for a very off the beaten track trail. There are some things to be wary of including the mountain bike trails and ensuring you have the correct map or app downloaded to guide you but reaching the Powerscourt Waterfall makes it all the while.

    If you are interested in checking out the Hiiker app click here and use the code HAYLEY50 for 50% off a yearly PRO+ subscription.

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