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K2Alpacas Experience, Wicklow: The most exciting experience in Ireland

    Time to be a part of the herd, with the K2Alpacas trekking experience in Wicklow.

    One thing you need to know about me is that I am a big fan of animals and one of my favourite animals is Alpacas! When I heard that there was an experience in Wicklow where you could walk some alpacas and enjoy a glass of prosecco I just jumped at the idea.


    K2Alpcas was created back in 2014 when the owner Joe wanted to stop working 9-5 hours in an office and instead try something more outdoors. When deciding to start his farm, Joe spent more than 2 years researching Alpacas and worked on various Alpaca farms around Ireland and the UK.

    Flash forward to the present Joe now has more than 80 alpacas on his farm and him and his team know each one by their names! His farm located in Newtown Mount Kennedy, is a lovely little oasis within Wicklow. As soon as you step out of your car you are welcomed by the beautiful sound of birds singing and the sight of fields filled with Alpacas. The farm has an abundance of wildlife including Red Kites, Buzzards and even nesting Moorhens.

    The Experience…

    Now there are so many amazing experiences that K2Alpacas offer within their farm including Children’s Treks, Alpacas Therapeutic Experiences as well as the one I will go into more detail about, the Alpacas & Prosecco Trek.

    To begin our Alpacas & Prosecco Trek experience we were all broken up into two different groups. One headed to the girl alpacas and we headed off to the boy alpacas, who for obvious reasons had to be kept separate. Before stepping foot into the field we sanitised our shoes to ensure we wouldn’t take any harmful bacteria into the field. When we stepped into the field we were told by our lovely guides to start walking toward the back of the field and around the alpacas so we could start nudging them into their pens. Here we were given a brief talk about the history of K2Alpacas and a little safety talk.

    And now for the fun part! We were all paired up with our own Alpaca buddies. Joe has two Alpaca breeds on the farm with a vary of colours and wool. I was paired up with the lovely Judge who was a friendly Huacaya Alpaca who loved to nibble on my jacket.

    The whole experience lasted around 2 hours and during this time you bring your new little buddy on a lovely walk around the farm grounds where you then get to feed them and hear all about alpacas and why they are such amazing animals. One thing you learn from this experience is that Alpacas are very cautious creatures and almost every time we approached a hill you could spot them getting a little slower until the leader of the pack Big Ted gave them the go-ahead.

    We were very lucky to have some amazing weather the day we went but I would definitely advise you to bring along some shoes you don’t mind getting muddy, as it is a farm and there is a lot of mud and Alpaca poop.

    Once we brought back our Alpacas and said our goodbyes we then headed to the shed where we were given a lovely glass of prosecco or juice to conclude the experience.

    Self Cateering Cottages…

    If you are looking for a unique place to stay within Wicklow then, K2Alpacas also has you covered. They have seven 200-year-old stone buildings which have been restored into gorgeous 1-4 bedroom cottages. Each cottage retains a link to the original buildings. The buildings were used as a Forge, Stables, Milking parlour, Poultry house, Woodshed and a Workshop. Each Cottage is self-catering and offers state-of-the-art facilities as well as BBQs & picnic benches.

    The cottages are absolutely beautiful, as soon as you wake up in the morning you are welcomed by the sight of endless grass fields, Alpacas roaming and wild Ducks


    I loved every second of my time at K2Alpacas, they offer so many different experiences and activities here there is something for absolutely everyone. The staff are so friendly and nice and they know everything there is to know about alpacas. As well as their self-catering cottages you can create a unique weekend away or day trip with friends or family.

    For further information check out their website here.