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The Rock of Dunamase- A Beautiful Celtic Fortification

    If you are looking for an extremely unique and incredible landmark in Ireland than look no further then Co. Laois. The Rock Of Dunamase is one of the most beautiful fortifications in Ireland and somewhere you need to add to your Ireland bucket list. With an extremely rich history this castle dates all the way back to 842 AD and was home to one of the high kinds of Leinster. The ruins of this castle still lie there till this day where you can visit them and take a peak at what it may have been like hundreds of years ago.

    The hiSTORY Of The Rock Of Dunamase…

    The Rock Of Dunamae is a celtic fortification which dates all the way back to the 842 AD. This early christian settlement is home to a very rich history with viking pillages and being home to the king of Leinster. In 1650 the fort was destroyed during the Cromwellian invasion and to this day the ruins lies on top of the hill.


    Today you can visit the ruins and it offers some incredible views of the surrounding country side. It is completely free to visit and pet friendly but as with every historical site I will always recommend being cautious and respectful and not climb on any of the ruins and they are very fragile.

    Tip- I would highly recommend visiting in the spring summer months when the rapeseed plants are in bloom as the surrounding fields are all rapeseed plants and from the top of the hill you will be treated to an incredible sea of yellow!!


    The Rock Of Dunamase is located right beside a small church so there are only a few on street spaces but when I say spaces they are more finding a place to park on the side of road so I would recommend especially on weekends to go early and avoid being stuck on the small roads.

    For more information you can visit the Laois Tourism website.

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