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Victorian Tea Times: the best tea experience in ireland

    Time to live out your Downton Abbey dreams with this authentic Victorian afternoon tea experience located in Arklow, Wicklow.

    A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to come across a lovely little hidden gem called Victorian Tea Times which surprisingly very little people knew about. I am a huge fan of all things Jane Austin, Downton Abbey and the Victorian era, so as soon as I checked out the website I automatically knew I had to book in here for a visit!


    Victorian Tea Times is located in the very heart of Arklow village. This beautiful experience gives a lovely salute to all things Victorian. Here you will be treated as the finest Lord or Lady complete with your own handmaid who will serve you throughout your experience. As soon as you even approach the door you are welcomed by a gorgeous pink building with flowers lightly surrounding the window.

    The owner Audrey has a deep love for all things Downton Abbey and the Victorian era, she wanted to create an experience in which everyone could be a lord or lady for the day. With her being raised in Arklow she knows all of the history surrounding the area and she has made sure to include this within the experience, by showcasing some of the most influential people who lived in the area at the time as well as some more personal touches.


    Located in Arklow, Wicklow, Victorian Tea Times is just a 40-minute drive from Dublin. As it is located on the main street it doesn’t have any direct parking spaces beside it but there is a car park located a few minutes walk up the road. It is free Saturday and Sunday but just remember to pay if you are going here during the week.

    The Experience…

    When I stepped in I was welcomed by the lovely owner Audrey, dressed in an authentic Victorian housemaid attire, wearing a lovely black dress with a crisp white apron and a little cap pinned to her head. The room itself is absolutely beautiful with paintings and portraits covering the richly embossed wallpapered walls. With plush velvet couches, shelves of vintage books and ornate candles you are automatically transported back in time.

    Before we sat down for afternoon tea we were brought back to the dressing room where we could choose from an impressive range of Victorian clothing, hats and accessories which we could wear to fully immerse ourselves in the Victorian aesthetic. With years and years of collecting vintage clothing and accessories, Audrey has put together the most lovely collection of authentic Victorian fashion. After lots and lots of photos and videos in our fine clothing, we then returned to reality as it was time for afternoon tea.

    It was extremely hard taking off those gorgeous pieces of clothing as I was absolutely obsessed with my dress and hat!

    Now for the most delicious part of the experience! Once you are done dressing up in some of the finest Victorian fashion, you are then led to one of the gorgeous plush velvet couches that awaits you with a lovely set table. Complete with ornate candles, flowers and vintage cups and saucers every last detail is astonishing.

    We were brought out some lovely tea leaf tea from our very helpful handmaiden to begin our afternoon tea followed by the most delicious food. This afternoon tea is extra special as Audrey handmakes every single piece of food that morning from the delicious scones to the puff pastry treats, even down to the scrumptious jam her sister makes (which is absolutely delicious!)

    Guys the food was so good! Even when I was stuffed I just couldn’t let it go to waste it was that good.


    This is the perfect experience for a unique day out. Whether you are catching up with some friends or taking your mum out for Mother’s Day this will be an extremely fun and unique experience. I have never found anything close to this experience and I truly had the most amazing time here. From the clothing to the décor, there was so much care and attention to detail put in to ensure an unforgettable experience.

    You can book here for group parties and events but there is an age limit of 13 years and up. I would definitely advise booking in for a bigger group as it is lovely to be able to have the whole place to yourself. If you are looking to book a reservation you can contact Audrey through the Victorian Tea Time website –