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Where Was Irish Wish Filmed? The Most Beautiful Irish Locations From Netflix Newest Movie

    If you’re like me then you’e probably decided to check out the latest Netflix movie “Irish Wish” staring none other then Lindsey Lohan. Although the plot of the movie was a little flat the film was set in Ireland and the locations where they filmed in Ireland are absolutely stunning!! So lets take a little look at those locations and help inspire your next trip to Ireland.

    the plot Of Irish wish…

    In typical rom-com fashion this movie takes you through the always a bridesmaid never a bride style plot but with a little magical twist on it.

    Maddie, an American is madly in love with her Irish friend Paul and when she decides to finally confess her feelings for him when she finds out that he has in fact fallen in love with her best friend. After months pass by, much to Maddie’s dismay Paul asks Maddies best friends for her hand in marriage.

    They all fly over to Paul’s homeland, Ireland for the marriage celebrations and it is here where Maddie accidentally makes a wish to marry Paul on a magical site. A magical fairy transports Maddie into an alternate universe where she must marry the man of her heart and the so the Irish adventures begin.

    The Cast of irish wish…

    The star of the cast is of course Lindsey Lohan who you may know for her roles in Mean Girls, The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday. Lohan plays American Maddie who is falls in love with her co worker and finance of her best friend.

    Alongside Lohan is Alexander Vlahos plays Paul Kennedy, the man who has stolen Maddies heart. He is known for being in the hit tv show Outlander and horror movie Truth Or Dare.

    Another known member of the cast is Ed Speleers AKA Eragon from the 2006 hit film of the same name. You may also recognise him from Downton Abbey and the most recent season of Netflix’s You!! Speleers play an english photographer who Lohans character, Maddie meets at the airport.

    Irish wish filming locations…

    Killruddery House and Gardens

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    Just a stones throw from Dublin you will find Killruddery House and Gardens. In Irish Wish this is used as Pauls family home. This is one of the most beautiful estates in Co. Wicklow and has been used as a filming location for many other tv shows and movies including The Tudors, My Left Foot and Ella Enchanted.

    Killruddery has over 800 acers of land including farm land, native forests and beautiful gardens. The estate has been the home of the Brabozon family since the year 1618. For over 300 year the Brabozons have lived in Killruddery House and most recently has been running the estate as a visitor centre and working farm.

    Killruddery House and Gardens are only open from the months of April – October and you can book admission here.

    Lough Tay

    Lough Tay, also known as the Guinness Lake is located in one of the most picturesque parts of wicklow, Sally’s Gap. In the movie this is where they ride those beautiful little pink row boats and Maddie makes her wish.

    Lough Tay is located just a short drive from Roundwood town in Wicklow. It is located on private land owned by the Guinness family trust hence why it is sometimes called the Guinnness Lake (if you use your imagination you may even think it looks like a pint of Guinness as well) With its dark brown waters resembling that of a pint of Guinness the family even imported the white sand you see on the shoreline to make it look like froth.

    Though you can’t go down to Lough Tay itself you can still get some incredible views from the surrounding view points along the Sally Gap drive. Just be careful as the roads are very tight!!

    powerscourt House and Gardens

    Another beautiful estate in Wicklow was used in the movie but not for beautiful house or gardens but for its newly opened distillery. The Powerscourt Distillery bar was actually used for a scene located in America.

    Powerscourt House and Gardens is one of the most famous estates in the world and their gardens where actually once named among the best gardens in the world!! The estate was once home to the Wingfield family for over 350 years before being sold to the Slazanger family in 1961 who still own it to this day. In 2018 they launched their new distillery on the Powerscourt estate where they run tours and make their now famous Powerscourt whiskey.

    You can book tickets to take a tour of the distillery here.

    The Cliffs Of Moher

    Possibly one of the most famous natural landmarks in Ireland, the Cliffs Of Moher are located in Co. Clare and the staggering height of the rock reaches over 241m. The cliffs see almost 1.5 million people a year so there is nor surprise why they chose this as a filming spot for the movie.

    In the movie this is where Maddie gets her photo taken by James Thomas and what a place for it!! The cliffs offer some of the most incredible views from Ireland and has been the backdrop for a many romantic gestures from proposals and even marriage ceremonies.

    The cliffs are open all year round but the opening hours depends on the season so be sure to check here for hours and booking.

    Westport County Mayo

    This small seaside town in County Mayo was another stunning location in the movie. Located about a 3.5 hour drive from Dublin and an hour drive from Galway city, Westport is a historic seaside town know to have ties with the pirate queen Grace O’Malley.

    For the movie they used Westport for a few scenes including the wedding dress shopping scene in Kelly’s Tweeds & Knitwear which they transformed for the movie and then the townsquare for a small interaction between Maddie and James.

    Where can I watch irish wish?

    Irish Wish is streaming now on Netflix. You can sign up to a Netflix subscription here, with monthly subscription packages starting from €7.99.

    Looking for more irish inspo?

    For more beautiful destinations in Ireland be sure to check my Ireland blog page. I have outlined some of the best activities, hikes and attractions for you to add to your upcoming Ireland holiday.

    where was Irish wish filmed? the most beautiful Irish locations from Netflix newest movie
    where was Irish wish filmed? the most beautiful Irish locations from Netflix newest movie